Not much writing, too much reading.

The disadvantage of having holidays is that it’s always so hard to get back into the swing of writing again afterwards.  It may also have been a mistake to try to start again with a scene from the POV of a WW2 airman when I’m only half way through reading “Bomber Boys” and keep stumbling over things I’ve wrongly assumed I knew about him.  (I’m very disappointed to find that they didn’t actually wear leather flying jackets with sheepskin collars, as in my icon.)

So, 975 new words today and lots of correction of what I’d already written.  (Also lots of having to get up every 20 minutes because the physiotherapist insists on it for the sake of my shoulders.)

Plus going out to the library and bringing home three books for research purposes which I should probably read before I do much more with him.  Then there’s three books I promised to read and review for SiN.  So although my list of books tbr for pleasure also keeps growing, I’m not doing very well at getting to them.  There needs to be more time in the world.

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Gerry Burnie
14 years ago

Happy New Year, Alex, and where do I start with the congratulations? First, a big congrats on the release of "Wages of Sin"! I'll put it on my reading list under 'priority'. Then, congrats on the book-cover awards. Whew! did I remember them all? Brava and well done!

"Comng of Age on the Trail" is coming along splendidly. I've deciided on an ending … but, Oh, my! Have I given myself a 'tough row to hoe' in the writing department. Five central characters to resolve, three sub plots–including "brotherly love"–and life in the "hereafter",

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