New Year’s Irresolutions

Due to yet another flare up of the “ew, girls writing gay fiction, that’s just wrong” debate over Christmas, I ended the year wondering if I wanted to carry on writing m/m romance at all (and thinking that I probably didn’t.)  So it’s taken me until now to make resolutions (as they say in PotC, they’re more like guidelines), because for a while there I didn’t know if I wanted to start writing Fantasy or Mystery instead of Romance.  I needed to get that sorted out before I decided what to start working on next.

Fortunately, the release of Wages of Sin and the review of that, plus finding this review of False Colors this morning (due to the wonders of Google Alert) has made me think that maybe it was more important to do what I liked than it was to worry about the opinions of someone with a bad attitude who may never have read anything I’ve written anyway.  So my writing resolutions of 2010 are:

1. Finish “Away with the Faeries” – a m/m contemporary rural paranormal, now looking like at least 80K

2. Write a novella.  Possibly a sequel to Wages of Sin

3. Plot a Fantasy novel for a follow on to “The Witch’s Boy”, which should be being re-released this year.

Non-writing resolutions:

1. Learn to ignore the wank.

2. Go back to practicing the bodhran every day

I should include something about eating more healthily and exercising, but I know from experience that I don’t keep those, and I don’t want to set myself up to fail again.

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Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
14 years ago

I love your books. you need to listen to your fans and not some "wank"! From an adoring fan in a far off country called Idaho the land of Potatos 😉

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