Lovely review of Hidden Conflict from Out in Print

From Out in Print Queer Book Review

Alex Beecroft, who is at the top of her game as a writer of historical fiction, makes a shrewd tradeoff here. By framing the story as a series of alternating journal entries by the two men, she robs the narrative of any suspense regarding the outcome—obviously these guys live to tell their tale. But she balances out that choice by creating characters that you care about—you want to know how these guys get out of the scrapes they’re in. And the settings are so vivid that you are completely drawn into the writing. It’s a great read.
I’m also particularly happy that the reviewer loved Jordan Taylor’s “No Darkness”.  He says

No Darkness is a tour de force. … The delicate bond formed between the two men—one an officer, one a private; one (mostly?) straight, one gay—feels authentic in every way.

I totally agree with this and think that Jordan’s novella in this anthology is absolutely wonderful.  I don’t think it’s been appreciated as it deserves on some of the reviews – probably because it’s really quite grim and not at all romantic.  So I’m glad to see it get some of the praise I think it merits.

Thank you very much to reviewer Wayne Courtois 🙂

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Ruth Sims
14 years ago

Great review by Wayne Courtois, who is an outstanding writer himself, btw. I just recently finished Hidden Conflict and agree with Wayne. And I agree with you that No Darkness has been undervalued! I haven't put any comments on Amazon yet, but I will.

Ruth Sims

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