Embarrasing obliviousness

So, I’m writing a book in which there’s one guy who was briefly a prisoner in faeryland, one guy and one girl who are being held prisoner in faeryland when the book opens, and one guy who is kidnapped by the fae half way through the book.  Naturally I think to myself “‘Away with the Faeries’  would be an awesome title”.  And then just this morning it occurs to me to think “hold on.  What if people think that’s some kind of pun on the fact that my heroes are gay men?!”

Argh!  The curse of my titles strikes again.  Clearly I can’t call it that any more.  So I will rename it “Grand Slam” for now (given that two of my heroes are a Lancaster bomber pilot and his navigator) and worry about a better title when it’s finished.  *Makes hurried replacement icons.*

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