Dr Who

Argh!  Just die already, nobody cares!  (Well, I don’t, you emo megalomaniac traitor.  Push off, stop being such a whinger – it’s not as if you haven’t done this 10 times already without any of the drama.  Die horribly and come back as someone better.)

Also, why couldn’t he be ginger for a change?

Also, didn’t I say RTD would only bring the Time Lords back to kill them off again?  Well he did, and he did it in a way that makes it harder for the next lot of writers to bring them back again as a stabilizing influence.  How is it possible that after such a brilliant start he’s now succeeded in taking away everything I liked about this series?

Also, also, thanks RTD for that little mean spirited stomp on the Jack/Ianto shippers.  What was that?  Was that a “see how easily I can replace your favourite character, now stop complaining”?  I have to say it’s not really working for me.

That has to have been the longest death scene in recorded history, and all it did was make me hate 10 more.  Seriously, he’s gone beyond Mary Sue and into serious idol worship territory, and I’m very glad to see the back of him.  If only I could really believe that the next one would be better, but I don’t know that I can.

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