Two reasons for me to squee

It’s been a bit of a trying month, with both shoulders now getting in on the freezing act, scarcely any range of motion left in the left hand one, and permanent tiredness due to not being able to sleep.  However, some things somehow make up for it all and today I’m feeling very very lucky 🙂

Sarah Frantz at Dear Author has picked False Colors and Blessed Isle in her list of top Romance Books of 2009

and Jayne at Dear Author has picked the I Do anthology in her list of top Romances of 2009

I feel like a bit of a waste of space at the moment – I can’t even do my own hair – so this makes me feel that at least I’ve managed to do something good this year.  Thank you so much, Sarah!  Thank you Jayne 🙂  Big virtual bunches of flowers all around 🙂

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Evelyn Wolke
Evelyn Wolke
14 years ago

Sorry about the shoulders, it's a trial at the best, but how exciting to have False Colours AND Blessed Isle be picked in such a prestigious list! Congratulations and goodies! Hopefully you can get some therapy for the shoulders to loosen them up a bit (I only have one bad one at the moment, I fell — but BOTH knees have gone sour)…

Othersise, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?



Gerry Burnie
Gerry Burnie
14 years ago

Alex: Congratulations on False Colors and Blessed Isle. I haven't had the pleasure of reading Blessed Isle, yet, but you know my thoughts on False Colors. Also, sympathies from a fellow 'handicap' regarding the shoulders. As you know I'm still learniing to walk again from a broken hip in June.

Just posted a review of "Queer cowboys" on 'Other Authors'. I was reminded of your experience with Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition when I was writing it–i.e. not as promising as the title. Drop into my blog page sometime.

Your Canadian friend

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