That crashing sound is the sound of me swooning inelegantly and falling off my chair with ever so slightly embarrassed but overjoyed shock.  Wow!

False Colors is picked as joint number #14 on Dear Author’s Top 100 Romances list.

As if this wasn’t flabberghasting enough, this isn’t their ‘top 100 of 2009’, it’s their ‘top 100 romances since 1970’ list.  I can’t say how stoked I am that False Colors ranked so high – and how wonderful it is to have m/m books considered in the same league as m/f ones.  I’m trying to think of something appropriate to say but – after a long day of driving and flat-pack-sofa assembling – I’m just happily speechless.  Wow!  Thank you, DA!

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Gerry Burnie
14 years ago

Wow! Heartiest ongratulations, Alex, and I can well understand your excitement! I'll try to find a way of letting everyone at this end know, as well. All the best. Gerry.

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