I Do Two: we have a line up!


This year the standard was even higher than last year, and we were, again, struggling with the problem that we had so many good stories that we had to reject some for no better reason than that they were too long, or they were ever so slightly less relevant to the theme than other stories of the same length.

Strangely enough, the heat level is way down this year, making this a volume highly suitable for buying for friends and relatives who might be supportive of civil rights without wanting to read too much erotica.  But otherwise we have perhaps more of a wide spread of subjects and settings than we had last year, and a real international line-up with authors from the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.

In no particular order – almost certainly not the order in which they will appear in the book, these are our stories for 2009:

Two Men: A Fugue by Sophia Deri-Bowen

The Uneven Chance by Charlie Cochrane

Work Experience by Bruin Fisher

Elephants In Her Tea by Julia Rios

Mountain Ash by Ruth Sims

Inner Truth by Alex Beecroft

Mallory’s Gift by L-J Baker

Cakewalk by Nathan Burgoine

The Song Inside by Nexis Pas

Turnabout by Lee Rowan

Home Cooking by Brian Holliday

Morbidly Obese by Rick Reed

Ships that Pass by Jamie Freeman

Honolulu Hula by Neil S. Plakcy

Aim Higher by JL Merrow

Hitched by Michael Gouda

No Queens on Pickett Street by Martha Miller

Even Guys Cry by D.C. Juris

Ganymede by Lenore Black

Under the Shadow of Your Wings by Jill Palmer

Touche by James Buchanan

Stripes by Nigel Puerasch

Mister Right by Rob Rosen

Congratulations to everyone who’s in, commiseration to everyone who isn’t, but it’s worth repeating that the standard was so high we were turning publishable material away.

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'Nathan Burgoine
14 years ago

This is very exciting – I'm certainly impressed with the company I'm keeping!

Ruth Sims
14 years ago

I'm thrilled to be included in ID2. And as Nathan says, the company we're keeping is impressive.

I must admit to being VERY impatient to read Elephants in Her Tea. The title screams "Read me and find out what the heck it means!"

Thanks to the editors who must have spent hundreds of dedicated hours reading and agonizing over the selection. I'm assuming that I'm now free to put the list of titles and authors, and the cover, in my next newsletter? Is there a tentative publication date?

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