Christmas TV

I managed to miss Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End so I still haven’t seen that film.  I’m not heartbroken to have missed it, but it might have been nice to watch it just for the sake of completeness.  Another time, maybe.

Dr. Who was very RTD-like still – far too much rushing about and shouting with over the top emo moments and a soundtrack out of a second rate opera.  I would be very excited about the return of the Time Lords (I hated the fact that RTD got rid of them in order to do all this ‘lonely god’ nonsense with the Doctor), but I strongly suspect it will be the kind of bringing them back that lasts all of three seconds before they get destroyed again in some way where they’re even more destroyed than they were before.

I do miss the days where Dr. Who could do ‘long running story with quiet menace’ instead of the current ‘shouty emo with messianic themes’.

Also saw “Hamlet” which I almost avoided on account of Dr.Who putting me off David Tennant.  However, I’m very glad that I didn’t avoid it – it was awesome.  Really gripping and thought provoking – and demonstrates that David Tennant clearly can act brilliantly.  Hamlet’s not a play I’d studied or seen before, so it was mostly new to me, and I now see why it is so revered.  Oh Hamlet, you are a loony, and a coward, and too clever for your own good, and a disaster to your friends, and still, as Horatio says, a sweet prince, naive and hapless and trapped.

My 15 year old daughter was also gripped, and we went “awww, bless…” together over Polonius, who I had not expected to like so much.  I also liked Claudius a lot, though I’m not sure how much I’m meant to.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at finding Shakespeare’s most famous play better than I had thought it would be, but I am thoroughly impressed at how wonderful the combination of excellent acting and excellent writing can really be.  Definitely one to watch again, if I get the chance.

What else is on that I should be looking out for?

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14 years ago

Hi Alex,

I've got high hopes for the BBC production of Turn of the Screw on Dec 30th…

I've been trying to send you a geeky fan letter but I can't get the box on your site to work – keeps saying I need to enable cookies but as far as I can tell I have. Is there an email address I can use?

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