Yay for good reviews :)

The Hidden Conflict anthology carries on getting great reviews 🙂 This one’s from Jessewave.  Thanks Wave!


“any historical romance lover would be thrilled to possess such a wonderful chronology of the lives of a few soldiers in the times that shaped history.”


The I Do anthology has been Joyfully Recommended!  If you’re smarting
about the vote in Maine, or you’ve buckled in for the long haul fighting
Prop 8, this would be a great book to buy for that book lover in your
life, as all profits from the anthology go to help the fight for
marriage equality.

Also, it’s a great book!  Joyfully Recommended by Joyfully Reviewed.

“I Do! Is the best collection of same sex love stories I’ve come across
in a while. Each story is unique and will appeal to different people. I
got reacquainted with authors I know and met a few new ones as well.

My favorite stories were the bright, happy ones but those that touched
me more deeply were the ones that hit me in the heart…

… all of the stories in I Do! are gripping and so emotionally charged
that you can’t wait to read the next one. I Joyfully Recommend I Do!”


Thank you, Willow!

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