The book collector strikes again

I’m definitely not much of a collector of anything, except for odd socks.  However, a year or so ago I found a book called “Rodney” by David Hannay for sale on abebooks, and as I’m a bit of a fangirl of Admiral Lord Rodney, I bought it, only to find that it was published in 1891 and I was now the proud possessor of a book which was almost 120 years old.

Well, today I went into the Oxfam charity second hand bookshop in Cambridge, and discovered both volumes of Oliver Goldsmith‘s  The Citizen of the World, published in 1790, available for £25 for the pair!  The second volume may be (as Terry Pratchett would say) slightly foxed and lightly badgered as well, with it’s front board detached (but still present) and the ends of its spine missing.  But the first volume is almost perfect apart from a bit of staining.  It’s actually in better condition than the Rodney book, and the gold work on the spine still gleams.

book 001

book 002

They’ve got the ‘f’s for ‘s’es and everything 🙂  I couldn’t let fuch wonderful books languifh in a fhop, or even go to a home that wouldn’t appreciate them.  Not when it would cost me £17.50 even to get the modern paperback.

So now I’m the proud owner of two books which are almost 220 years old!

I’m beginning to get a taste for this 🙂  I’m also thinking that I’d like to have the second volume restored so that the front doesn’t keep falling off.  Anyone know anything I ought to know about re-binding ancient books, before I go out and look someone up to do it?

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