Shoulder bad news/good news

So, I went to the physiotherapist today, and she prodded my shoulder and asked me to demonstrate how far I could raise my arm in various directions, and how well I could push against resistance.  This apparently showed her that my muscles were in good shape, but the problem was with the capsule of the shoulder, around the bone.  In short, I have absolutely classic symptoms of frozen shoulder.

Good news – it’ll go away by itself given time.

Bad news – we’re talking up to three years time.  Also I’m still in ‘the early stages’, so the pain and inability to use that arm will only increase until it’s pretty much useless.  At which time, I’m told, swimming is going to have to consist of backstroke legs only, and I may find even jumping up and down morris dancing too painful, even if I’m not moving the arm at all.  I’m a little worried because it’s already getting painful to drive, and if it gets worse, that’s going to be out, so I’ll be stuck at home.

I’m also a little worried because the other shoulder has similar symptoms, though much less advanced.  I really hope I’m not going to be stuck with neither arm working, four months down the line.

Further good news = at least I can still type.  And I have exercises to do to stop the muscles from atrophying in the couple of years I won’t be able to use them.

More good news than bad?  Probably.  At least it will get better in time.

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clare london
14 years ago

Good luck with that. Just to ask – have they done an xray? I had the same symptoms about 10 years ago, it got so I could barely raise my arm past my waist and Son#1 had to do up my bra each morning (yes I know, LOL, but I don't think he's scarred from the experience). I'd had physio, they were talking about steroid injections, etc etc. Then my physio suggested I had a proper xray and they found a calcification lump on the tendon. It just happens, apparently, nothing sinister, I must have wrenched the shoulder at some time and it started to grow. A quick op and it's been fine since. Just thought it'd be worth a note!

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