It seems this week is going to be a holiday

Or at least, I’ve done no writing today, and tomorrow I’m off to the Reenactor’s Market all day.  Oh well, Away with the Faeries is now 22,224 words long, though only on Chapter 7.  It’ll benefit from me having a couple of days to mull it over.

It should be an exciting weekend, what with the market on Friday and the fact that on Sunday I’m going to a bodhran course run by Mog of Renegade Rhythms.  I can’t help fearing that this may be slightly excruciating, given the state of my left arm – but that’s what painkillers are for!  For a bonus, I have ordered my very own drum from him, and will be able to pick it up at the same time (and if I test it out and don’t like how it sounds, he’ll have others there which I can try instead.)  Very cool!

Of course, once I’ve got it home, I’ll have to hand it to Andrew to be wrapped up for Christmas, and won’t see it again for a month, but you can’t have everything 🙂

On other news, this is a great post by Jackie Kessler on the subject of Harlequin’s move into vanity publishing.  It’s particularly sad, because they had just launched Carina Press, which was going to take LGBT romance, and everyone was very excited that this meant a real breakthrough into one of the biggest romance publishers out there.  Now they’ve pretty much devalued their entire brand and been banned from RWA in the process.  Not good.

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