How much women’s history has been accidentally ‘lost’?

I remember growing up with the message that women never fought in wars.  I was taught that!  And the more I learn about history, the more I realise it was an utter flat out lie.

Amazing story of Soviet Russia’s three regiments of women fighter pilots, dive bombers and night bombers, the “Night Witches”…

who flew more than 3,000 missions along the ‘eastern front’ in WW2 and were not provided with parachutes – so if they were shot down, they all died.

Thanks to catdancerz for the link 🙂

Even Britain had its “Spitfire Women” of the Air Transport Auxiliary, flying the planes that took vital supplies between Britain’s airfields.  They may have been non-combatant, but they died just the same.  So why was I never taught about any of this?  Why was I specifically taught that heroism was only for the boys?  (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.  I know why.)

I boggle, again.

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