I haven’t managed to write a word since last Thursday, and this is starting to get ridiculous.  On the other hand, I’m pleased to say that Away with the Faeries is definitely alive.  I can feel it brewing.  It keeps suggesting things for me to research – the Hindu equivalent of elves, for example.  If I let it, I think it wants to become more epic than I had been thinking.  Is Ben a reincarnation of someone very important, or would that be just pandering to the ‘chosen one’ idea that I generally don’t like?  Is George – who was always meant to be the dead lover whose existence was a plot device – actually alive and being held prisoner by the elf-Queen?  When Chris was shot down by that UFO and spent a month in hospital with amnesia, was he actually shot down in 1945 and returned in 1995, unchanged?  What exactly is the situation between the English elves and the Indian Gandharvas?  Are they such as to allow Ben to be important as a playing piece in negotiations between them, without actually being particularly ‘chosen?’

And does this mean I’m going to have research the legends of the Gandharvas *and* the culture of England in 1945, and then to re-think and re-plot the whole thing with extra backstory?  I think I am.  But the upside of the whole thing is that I think – if I do – the end result could be a lot more interesting.  I’m actually starting to feel excited about the book, instead of hoping I can get it over with quickly so I can move on to something more ambitious.  That was a silly plan anyway.  Why not just make this book more ambitious and do something more complicated now?

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