Advent tomorrow!

I can’t wait to find out what the first post is on the SiN advent calendar so many brilliant authors of m/m historical romance have contributed to it.  I reckon that if I comment every day I stand a good chance of winning something 🙂

In other news, this frozen shoulder is really starting to bother me now.  I’m always shattered because I’m not sleeping properly – it wakes me up every time I shift position.  It hurts all the time, and it is starting to interfere with my driving and my dancing.  I’m doing the exercises, which do help, and taking the painkillers, which also help, but the painkillers are giving me inflamed gums and making me pile on weight and the whole thing is beginning to grind me down.

Another day with no writing.  However, I did read “The Complete Dr. Fell Volume 1: Lost” which I really thoroughly enjoyed.  Beautifully written, beautifully observed and it made me well up with tears at various places.  Definitely going to buy Volume 2 today.

So it hasn’t all been bad, especially when I’ve just had a new review for the new edition of Captain’s Surrender from Katie Mack at All About Romance reviews

I can best sum up Captain’s Surrender as a book that left me craving more – not because the ending was lacking in any way, but because I just didn’t want it to end at all.

Thank you Katie!

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