A tossed salad of stuff

Finding a title for blog posts is the hardest bit!  I can’t find a unifying theme for this, so I’ll just toss them all together in one bowl:

Hidden Conflict gets a great review from Rainbow Reviews

Overall this is a great anthology that highlights historical men in the military in realistic and moving ways. Since the collection of stories is so dark and intense, I’d suggest reading them individually rather than the entire anthology at once. Their depth and emotion will not overwhelm then. Either way, this well written collection will appeal to literature fans easily.

We (the authors of the anthology) have been discussing that “dark and intense” ever since we read the review this morning, and it lead onto some reminiscences which reminded me of this article, which always makes me laugh:

Not Depressed, Just British!

And on an even more positive note, the I Do anthology (the first one) is a Dark Diva reviewer’s top pick this month, and is up for “book of the month”.  I’d hesitate to hustle for my own books, but getting people to buy this one = more money for the campaign for equal marriage.  So if you fancy going over to the review

I Do: An anthology in support of marriage equality

and voting for it as book of the month, that would be fabulous 🙂

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