Morris with Bells On

Hee!  I have tickets to see the Morris movie (aka “Morris, a life with bells on”) tomorrow!  Andrew’s side, Coton Morris Men, have been asked to dance outside the cinema before the film is shown, and I’m a tiny bit piqued that Elriot wasn’t asked to come and dance too.  However, we will be there in civilian clothes to cheer the lads on.  I guess that with the movie being about the men-only world of the Morris Ring, they didn’t want any of us unholy and inconvenient women around, being all over-enthusiastic and not doing things the time honoured masculine way.  (That sounds familiar for some reason.  I wonder why?)

That aside, it looks like a really fun film:

On other morris news, we were learning a completely new dance last night: Bideford Bridge – new not only to us new dancers, but to the whole side.  I really enjoyed it, though I did end up with bruised knuckles.  We’re not used to holding the sticks in the middle!  It’s a nice heavy, leisurely, very Border-morris-ish dance, which suits me because I am heavy and leisurely too 🙂

That’s not us.  That’s Bideford Phoenix morris, but the dance is the same.

Also, I have now been out twice in public playing my bodhran, and on both occasions was complimented for my playing.  Woohoo!  Not bad since I’ve only been practicing for a month and a half.  It is made easier, though, by the fact that all Elriot’s dances seem to be fairly slow reels, so I only had to learn one rhythm.   (I can do a jig beat as well, but we don’t seem to dance those.  A slip-jig is still well beyond me, though.)

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