Feeling of achievement

Hurray!  I’ve finished a story for the I Do Two anthology.  I’m particularly pleased as I have real problems in coming up with ideas for short stories – and even then they tend to be along the lines of “character a and character b sit in a room and discuss the meaning of life”.

This is one of that sort too, but I’m just glad that I managed to think of anything at all.

Now I’ve got next week to do a plot plan for Dragon of the Fen, then it’s half term holidays for the last week of October, and then it will be NaNoWriMo!

In the mean time, I must hoover the house.  I’ve got the Molly from the Mepal Molly side coming round tomorrow.  He wants to try on my petticoats and pinafore with a view to borrowing them, and the house needs to look less squalid than usual if we’re having guests 🙂

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