Two lots of coolness, in fact 🙂  First of all, I’ve just come back from the bi-monthly RNA lunch where 12 romantic novelists living around Cambridge get together in a not very local to me pub, to eat and talk about the romance publishing world.

I’ve been suffering with very sore shoulders for about three months now.  I can no longer raise my hands behind my back to do up my bra-strap because my left shoulder is so painful.  And it’s painful all the time, including making it difficult to find a position to comfortably sleep in at night.  I had thought this was something to do with my terribly sedentary lifestyle, and then I went to the RNA lunch and they all had the same thing!

Clearly this is a writer’s industrial injury.  The best bit was that one lady had already seen the physiotherapist about it, and said she’d had a lot of relief from the following two exercises:

1. Grip both sides of your chair and lean to one side, stretching the arm that you’re leaning away from for a count of ten, then lean the other way and do the same for the other arm.

2. Sit up very straight, push out your chest and try to make your shoulderblades touch in the middle.  Do that for a count of ten too.

Do each of these things ten times, four times a day.

I’m going to try it, and I’ll report back on whether it works or not for the benefit of anyone else who might be suffering from a similar case of Writer’s Shoulder.

On other news of coolness, I’ve just had my first royalty statement for False Colors, covering the first six months of sales, and the book has already earned back its advance.  I really hope this is good news for the future of the series as a whole, because future books would surely build on that and sell even more, without the expense of having to establish a known brand.

It definitely makes up my mind to write “Dragon of the Fen” this November and leave the elves til later 🙂

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