Boys of Summer = baseball?

So, apparently, not sleeping well since Friday leads to lowered productivity.  Who’d have thought it?  I tried to get myself to work today by eating kettle chips and a chocolate bar, but that just made me feel literally sick and tired instead of just tired.  Giving up and going to bed sounds like the only thing that might work.

On the plus side, I only have one more chapter of Boys of Summer to edit and then it’s ready to submit.

On the minus side, this last chapter is going to need more of a complete re-write than an edit, and I don’t want to handle it while knackered.  But at any rate, fingers crossed, it’ll be all done by the end of next week.  Which leads me to my question about the title.

I called the book “Boys of Summer” because of the song The Boys of Summer by Don Henley The romance in the book happens over one long August, in which both heroes are on their summer holidays and are escaping from their otherwise horrible lives.  To me this song is just liquid summer in audio form, and it sounds hot and poignant and sweet with a slightly sinister undertone.  And, “I can tell you, my love for you will still be strong/after the boys of summer have gone” is perfect for my holiday romance turns into love of a lifetime story.  So I had thought that in this one instance I had actually come up with the perfect title by myself (a rare thing – titles are not my forte.)

But now two people have said me “you do know that in the USA ‘the boys of summer’ means baseball players, don’t you?”  To which I have to reply “er… no.  I had no idea.”

Does this make a difference?  Will readers in the USA pick up a book called The Boys of Summer and be horribly disappointed and annoyed when one hero is a surfer, the other is a yachtsman and there is no mention of baseball anywhere in the book?

If so, what do you think I should call it instead?

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