Bosom Friends looking for reviewers

I’m guessing that most people who read my LJ are familiar with the Speak Its Name review site for m/m historical fiction?  It’s an excellent review site where the reviewers actually know about history and care about literary quality and are not afraid to give a bad review if they think one is merited.

What may be less well known is that SiN has a sister site called Bosom Friends a review site for f/f historical fiction.  This has been in abeyance for a while, but Erastes, who is in charge of SiN has just taken over at BF as well, and is working hard at getting a list of books to review and a list of reviewers who will review them.

If you have a f/f historical novel you would like reviewed, or you have a backlog of old historical f/f reviews you would like to see get a good home, or you are interested in reviewing f/f historical books in the future, do go over there and get in touch

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