Not dead yet

Well, we seem to be on the mend.  My willpower still doesn’t seem to be connected to anything – I keep thinking that I must answer emails and then not doing it, but at least Rose is lots better and thinking about going to school later this week.

Meanwhile I’ve been reading – and enjoying – “Sense and Sensibility and Sea-monsters”.  I haven’t tried P&P & Zombies, partially because I don’t like zombies and partially because I know P&P so well that even with zombies added I don’t want to read it again for a while.  But the sea-monsters are very much my thing.  I would say this wasn’t fanfic per se.  It’s more like a parody in a more affectionate and understanding vein than, for example, the Bored of the Rings parodies are of LotR.

“Is there a felicity in the world superior to this?” asked Marianne with a grin.  “Margaret, we will walk here at least two hours, and if we are set upon by any sort of man-beast with giant lobster claws, I shall swiftly butcher it with this pickaxe I brought for that purpose.”

It’s cracktastic and it’s making me laugh.

On the other hand, “The Quiet Gentleman” by Georgette Heyer is making me want to throw it across the room.  Are all her heroes such complete and total arses?  Dear God, he’s horrible – hello, let me walk into my step family’s life after ignoring them completely for a year and immediately start laying down the law, patronising them with my smart city ways, scorning my young half-brother, humiliating him and stealing his girl and being all suspicious that he’s trying to murder me even though it was me who deliberately goaded him into losing his temper.  Horrible, horrible man!  And the worst thing is that the author is quite clearly expecting me to like him for all of this.  Not to mention she keeps telling us what an obliging man he is and then showing him being a domineering prick.

I flicked to the end to find out whether anyone actually was trying to murder him or not.  So now I know, I don’t feel that I want to suffer any more time in his company.  Bastard!

Any one want a half read copy of this book?  In pristine condition.  Will send it to the first person to say yes, in exchange for the postage.  (Which probably means it’s only worth it for people in the UK.)

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