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OK, so with both children ill at home I won’t be doing editing today.  However, I have started up that cover art comm I mentioned yesterday, imaginatively called  Cover_artists You can find it here


There seem to be lots of comms out there to talk about writing, but I couldn’t find any in which cover artists could talk about their work.  I did find a couple of very interesting comms in which people talk about cover art on published books:

[info]judging_covers and [info]book_design

but that’s from the perspective of a reader who is choosing which book to read.  Vital information for a cover artist to know, but not quite the same as having somewhere to hang out together and network.

So that’s why I started this community.  If you’re at all interested in cover art, whether as a cover artist, an artist or photographer who might be interested in seeing their work on covers, or just as someone who likes book covers and has an opinion about them, please join up and ask your friends!


How to occupy the rest of the day while not checking up on children?  I think I’ll mop the house, clean the bathroom, and make Rose a waistcoat.  But lunch first.

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