Elisa Rolle setting up her own Readers’ Rainbow Awards

In reaction to the business with the Lambda Literary Awards, Elisa Rolle has started the process of setting up a separate award (tentatively christened the Rainbow Award) which will be open to all writers regardless of gender or orientation, and judged by a panel of volunteers from amongst the readers of m/m and other GBTL lit.

She’s still in the process of thrashing out the categories and sub-categories, and deciding whether it’s going to be a Romance/Erotica competition only, or whether it’s going to be for all LBGT lit, including non-romance and non-fiction.

If you think this is a good idea, do head over there and offer her some help!


This is my first stab at a possible structure for the entries. I haven’t filled in anything in some of the columns because I’m too unfamiliar with those genres to know what the sub-sections would be.

Romance Erotica Mystery SF/F Horror Action-Adventure Western Literary Non-Fiction
Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary Hard SF Contemp Memoirs
Historical Historical Historical Space Opera Historical Biography
Paranormal Paranormal Crime Myth Scholarship
SF SF Hard-boiled Urban


Fantasy Fantasy Cozy AU
Comedy Comedy Comedy High fantasy
Bisexual Menage Noir Steampunk
Transsexual/Transgender Transsexual/Transgender
Poly/Menage Poly/Menage
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