Cover artists’ group?

This morning I got an email from someone on Facebook inviting me to join a cover-art group.  I thought this was a fantastic idea – we could swap techniques and ideas, share brushes and textures and maybe even club together to occasionally employ a photographer for a cover shoot.

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link, it turned out that it was a cover artist who was inviting me to join her group so that I knew where to come when I was looking for my next cover – which was less useful to me, particularly as she seems to specialize in heroines.  So, it seems if I want to join a group for cover artists, I will have to find it elsewhere.  Does anyone know of a cover artists’ group I could join?  Or alternatively, if I started my own, would any other cover artists fancy joining it?


On the Boys of Summer front, I’ve written 2,000 words of sex scene and still faded to black at the end, so I’m thinking this is my muse trying to tell me something and I’m going to leave it at that.

I’ve had Rose at home for two days feeling ill, so I’ve got less done than I might have liked.  But tomorrow I tackle Darren’s family and try to make the dynamics there a bit clearer.  I gave one reader the impression that Darren had an abusive childhood – which was not an impression I meant to give.  Kyle (Darren’s brother) suffered from neglect and emotional abuse (where emotional abuse = constant belittlement) and the occasional smack around the head – which is why he’s now a complete mess – but Darren, raised by his grandmother, did not.  Which is why he’s really pretty together by comparison.

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