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So, the girls are back in school, Andrew is back at work, and so am I.  I’ve started serious edits on Boys of Summer.  Unfortunately this means actually writing the sex scenes that I faded to black on during the first draft.  And that involves thinking way more deeply about the emotional states of both characters.  For me, a sex scene is primarily a way of exploring the character’s feelings about each other and the relationship, and I fudged it in the first draft by simply not having the sex scene.

This time around I’m having to think not only about Martin’s (aka Tony’s) first time nerves – which appear to have so completely disappeared that I’m thinking his mother may be right about him being far too trusting for his own good – but also Darren’s angst.

Darren is doing this knowing that in the morning he’s going to betray Martin’s trust in a big way.  So I’m trying to show him battling his conscience and see-sawing between lust, despair and thinking he’s a total bastard, while still trying to give Martin the kind of experience he hopes will be worth £2000.  And I’m trying to do that from Martin’s POV, so that Martin doesn’t have a clue what’s going on now, but it will all be obvious when he looks back on it.

Maybe that is a good reason why I only did a little over 700 words today!  It’s horribly complicated.  At least no-one should say it’s all gratuitious tab A in slot B – though I’m sure they will.

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