New Publishers, new paint job and a relaunch :)

Join us today at Speak Its Name for a celebration of the relaunch of some popular m/m historical titles and a sneak preview of a new m/m historical anthology. We’ll have interviews, chats, excerpts, and prizes!  If you don’t want to join another egroup, the interviews are also mirrored on the Macaronis blog here

After Linden Bay Romance’s buy-out by Samhain, some authors decided to take their books to a smaller press that focuses solely on GLBT fiction.

Cheyenne Publications, helmed by publisher and author Mark Probst, will be publishing the print versions of Erastes’ Frost Fair, Lee Rowan’s Royal Navy series (formerly the Articles of War series), and Speak its Name, a trilogy that includes Charlie Cochrane’s first published work, Aftermath. Leslie Nichol, head of Bristle Cone Pine Press, will handle the e-book editions. Both publishers will be on hand to answer questions, so if you have questions about the nuts-and-bolts, here’s your chance!

I got to do the cover art for all of these, so I’m as proud as if they were my own books.  It’s not often you get the chance to make your favourite novels look pretty 🙂  And Cheyenne Publishing is going down the unusual road of not having any ubiquitous naked torsos in its cover art!  This is actually proving to be quite a challenge!

Tuesday Publisher interviews, Author chats with Erastes and Lee Rowan and excerpts from the three releases: Frost Fair, Ransom, and Winds of Change.

Wednesday Spotlights on Eye of the Storm, and Speak Its Name Trilogy, coming September 14 and October 26.

Friday What else is coming from Cheyenne Publishing and Bristlecone Pine Press — Hidden Conflict: Tales of Lost Voices from Battle.

* * * *

The lineup from Cheyenne and BCPP (and yes, print and e-books on the same schedule!)

August 1, 2009: Frost Fair, Ransom and Winds of Change (Royal Navy series)

September 14, 2009 Eye of the Storm (Royal Navy series)

October 26 2009 Speak Its Name Trilogy

November 11: Hidden Conflict: Tales of Lost Voices from Battle

December 7, 2009 Walking Wounded

January 1, 2010 Home is the Sailor (NEW Royal Navy novel!)

March 1, 2010 Sail Away (anthology, Royal Navy series)

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