Why should het women be allowed to write m/m romance?

I keep coming back to this because it keeps being something I am asked to justify.  But I was browsing Metafandom on LJ this morning and I discover in this post about fandom’s skeevy behaviour towards GLBT people that [info]rm has already answered it fully and completely.  I will be adopting this answer myself in future.  Thanks RM!

I am _not_ saying that het people shouldn’t be writing slash (one unfortunate drama I’ve seen on the Internet lately), because hey, what turns you on, what interests you, no matter who you are, THAT’S PART OF YOUR SEXUAL AND EMOTIONAL IDENTITY TOO and I’m all for it.

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Anne Lyle
14 years ago

Thanks for that link, Alex!

Thankfully I have no experience of the weirder parts of fandom (is this "slash is OK but RL gayness is icky" crowd American by any chance?), as I tend to stick to the obscurer titles that have a more intelligent fandom. I do worry a little about my portrayal of gay men in my fiction, however – I guess I need a gay friend or two to critique that angle!

On the other hand, as someone whose gender identity is far more complex than mere sexual orientation, I don't see myself as falling into the "het woman who writes about gay men" category anyway 🙂

Jennifer Thorne
14 years ago

*Everything* social is inherently political… Unfortunately. I get the feeling that this 'brave new world' in writing will be studied to death about a century from now. Hopefully, from the angle of how humanity was liberated ;p

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