Sorry for the lack of replies

on my last post – the one about RP’s new book covers.  It turned out that the covers were still under wraps and I shouldn’t have been showing them around.  So I made the entries private, thinking that that would allow me to answer comments, but would keep the covers concealed until they could be shown.  But now I can’t find the private entries!  I don’t know what’s happened there.  They seem to have completely disappeared.

So if you commented, I’m sorry that you haven’t had a reply!  Smacked knuckles for me all around, I think.

On a positive note, I have just read the latest three Torchwood tie-in books, set after season 2 and before CoE, so they have a team of Jack, Ianto and Gwen.  I can highly recommend ‘The House that Jack Built’ for chasing away any CoE blues and bringing back the old TW vibe of mixed grue, spooky shenanigans, lowgrade Jack-angst, improbable aliens, teambuilding, banter, joie de vivre and some lovely moments between Jack and Ianto.  (Never quite enough, but much better than many of the other books.)

I read the movie-tie in novelisation of Star Trek as well, and all that did was make me appreciate the level of the writing in the TW books more.  For tie in novels, the TW books are really high class.  The Star Trek novel, OTOH just makes me appreciate more the passion, thoughtfulness and level of psychological realism and complexity available in fandom.  Almost any Trek fanfic writer I can think of could have done a better job.

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