Hidden Conflict has a cover

Hidden Conflict, which is the anthology in which Blessed Isle has a spot, now has a cover.  It’s beautiful and work-safe, and designed by the talented Jordan Taylor, who also has a novella in the anthology:

Hidden500 Possibly looks a little grim, but I promise that despite the vast bodycount, my story still has a happy ending.  Mine is the message in a bottle one, and you have to read right to the end to find out why 😀

Much though I’ve grouched about them during the writing process, I shall miss Harry and Garnet now that I’ve finished.  (Garnet especially.  I’ll have to keep him around so he can give me his opinion on the waistcoat I promised to make Ailith.)

On other news, I had a very nice weekend, dancing at the Ely Folk Festival on Saturday.  There were at least 12 different morris sides, and we danced in procession all round the town (exhausting!)  And then we split into groups of three or four sides, and danced in different spots all over Ely.  I can officially say that the ignominious failure that was dancing in Pymore was wiped out, and we looked pretty damn good.

Ailith was roped in as chief water carrier for Elriot (or at least, for me) and wanted something to show that she belonged with us, so I’ve promised to make her a waistcoat too.

Because we were dancing, we got free entry to the actual folk festival in the evening, at which numerous bands were playing http://www.elyfolk.co.uk/news.html

and as a result I have got down the bodhran that had been hanging as an ornament above the bookshelves and am teaching myself to play.  I’m quite excited about it, as I can do a jig beat already, and my inner drummer is going ‘told you so.  Why did you waste all that time trying to play melody instruments?  You should have known all along you were a percussionist.’

Which is a little sad, but if I can at least play something before I die, that will be another item off the ‘things I want to do before I die’ checklist 🙂

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