Displacement activity

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who commented yesterday.  Now I know what I ought to do, but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to do it.  But I will!  Thanks 🙂

In the mean time there are benefits to not wanting to face the computer.  Since I had lining material left over from making my morris waistcoat which turned out to be too small, I thought I would try expanding the pattern and making a new one.

desk 002

I can’t say I’m as fond of the colour as I was of the blue-green one, but at least this one fits and is actually slightly roomy.  (Here I am pictured regenerating after sustaining a fatal injury from a passing Dalek.)

And in writing news, I think I have finished Blessed Isle.  That is, it’s been through two drafts and so much polishing that I can no longer tell whether it’s any good or not.  The last time I read it, I liked it a lot, but when I tried to give it one last going over today, I couldn’t stand to look at it.  I’m guessing this is a sign that I’ve done as much as I can on it, and it needs to go to beta readers who can give it a final once over before I send it in 🙂

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