Charlestown City Paper Baffled!

“I just don’t think most women would be interested in these books” says the Charlestown City Paper about False Colors and Transgressions.

Romancing the Bone

I continue to be baffled at how few people seem to be aware of the whole slash phenomenon.  Do these people not have internets?

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Anne Lyle
14 years ago

I think this comment is telling: "It almost seems like they weren't romance novels, but more like stories about the struggle between religion and sexuality in olden days."

I get the feeling that the reviewers aren't really into historical fiction and they want to see more idealised gay romances where the characters aren't struggling with guilt – more like a contemporary romance in fancy dress. Maybe that would work in a fantasy setting (I've seen plenty of fantasy with that kind of utopian setup), but historical – not really, and especially not that particular era and milieu.

I can however understand gay men wanting a more positive experience from romance, one that takes them away from the guilt and prejudice of real life into something a bit more idealised, more nearly the equivalent of straight romance. I think that's why this type of m/m romance is more popular with female readers – we bring a very different experience to the story.

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