Petition to allow churches to perform civil unions

In the UK, civil partnerships are currently not legally permissible in religious buildings or
buildings used primarily for religious purposes. Some faith groups (for
instance, many Quakers) are open to civil partnerships but are unable to
perform legal partnership ceremonies under the current restrictions.

An on-line petition has been raised on the Downing Street website, asking
for the churches to have the freedom to decide for themselves. If you’re a British citizen, please consider going to sign the petition here:

In personal news, I’ve had three days and nights of random, sudden, sharp pains in my upper back, which the doctor says might be pleurisy or might just be the beginnings of shingles. I’m not so sure, as I don’t think he understood about the randomness of it – the fact that it wasn’t constant. But it’s very annoying, as I can’t sleep, and the fact that it doesn’t seem to have a pattern makes it like water torture – I’m always on edge waiting for the next one. I do feel pretty rotten though.

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