Lovely fun review of False Colors

This review of False Colors made me giggle so much

M/M Romance through Yaoi Goggles #1
by zehavit_lamasu

Then when scrubbing in vinigar doesn’t help chase the gay cooties away – he finally succumb to the fact that he is, indeed a hopeless sodomite … who threw the love of his life away … FOREVAAAAR!!! *angst*. He also manages to be abducted and tortured by PIRATES (ok… can this actually get ANY BETTER? yes it CAN!)

I’m really indebted to her, because sometimes with all the politics and worry floating around–should straight women write gay romance? When will m/m romance be treated as an equal by the romance community? When will the romance community be taken seriously by the rest of the world? Can women really understand men at all? Are m/m writers full of internalized misogyny? Blah blah blah– it’s so easy to forget that the main reason I was writing was because it was fun and I wanted to create something that people would enjoy.

This review reminds me that yes, I’m not really writing great literature. I’m writing the kind of stuff that I would like to read because that kind of stuff makes me squee. Naval fangirl squee! It’s not a lot different from Yaoi fangirl squee, and I’m very glad about that 🙂 Thank you so much [info]zehavit_lamasu !

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