Hats = 1 Writing = 0

So I got horribly sunburned on Sunday, dancing out for four hours on a blazing sunshiny day, with a cold sea breeze that meant I didn’t even feel it happen.  My neck and chest are so burned that the skin has swollen and is so painful I can’t go out in the sun at all today.  This made me think that I badly need a morris dancing hat to go with my outfit.  Elriot have a job lot of red woolen hats for the winter, so I’m hoping I can start a trend of getting them to wear straw hats for the summer.

I have a canvas hat that I normally wear in the summer, and I bought it to replace this straw hat,


because the straw hat is too delicate to go into a suitcase.  So anyway, now that it’s got a replacement, this one has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years.  I reckon that it could have a new life as a morris hat.

The trouble is that it’s entirely too sensible at the moment.  So I think I’m going to take the band of shells off and replace it with some of the scraps of material I had left from making my waistcoat.  And possibly some fabric flowers and/or feathers.  I wouldn’t want to try and compete with the Saddleworth Morris Dancers:


uppermill particularly as their flowers are real flowers freshly applied every morning.  But that’s the sort of tradition I’m working in 🙂

I will have a go and see what I can do to turn my nice but dim hat into a frankly rather barmy hat that can only be worn by a woman who is also wearing bells, and will post a photo of the result when it’s done, no matter how horrible it turns out to be!

On less enthusiastic news, I feel like I’m going through one of my periods of fandom burnout.  The last time this happened was just after I joined LJ about 5 years ago.  Suddenly I lost interest in everything I had been writing about and it became an uphill struggle just to put one word in front of the other.  Worse, I used to look forward to days when I had a good excuse not to write.  I had a couple of months of not wanting to go anywhere near the computer, and I can’t help thinking that my “yay, lets decorate a hat!” impulse now comes from a similar place.  I’m tired of writing.  I just want to stop for a bit and recharge, and maybe even find something new that will inspire me and charge me up with fresh enthusiasm.  I’d currently rather do the hoovering than write, and that can’t be good.

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