Hat = 1 Writing = 1 :)

A little over 1,700 words today


Of course, this means that I may end up writing more than 20,000 words to get to the place where I want to get to with this, but that’s nothing new. I can trim afterwards. It’s kind of reassuring to know that after I’ve done this one I don’t have to write anything new for a while. I should be getting edits in on “The Wages of Sin” soon, but that’s a ‘change is as good as a rest thing’ I hope!

On the hat front, I managed to get the whole thing finished yesterday evening. I sewed together the scraps of waistcoat and hanky materiel I had left over into three long tubes. I was going to either plait or roll them together, but then I decided it would just be easier to stitch them together into one band. Which I did. Then I decorated the band with little blue and red roses, and pinned a couple of larger fabric flowers onto the side. And now it looks like this:



It’s not very extreme, but then Elriot are fairly sartorially conservative as far as morris sides go, and I think it will fit with the rest of the outfit 🙂


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