New False Colors reviews

An embarrassment of riches!  A very interesting article about False Colors and Transgressions here

Gay & Lesbian News Portland Oregon

And a lovely review of False Colors from All About Romance

Like Transgressions, False Colors lives and breathes history. Beecroft, who dedicated the book in part to Patrick O’Brian, makes you feel like you’re on a wooden ship visiting a sweltering exotic port or surviving the perilous arctic. History isn’t pretty, and the violence isn’t “PG-13” – men are blown apart or tortured by pirates, and men die grisly deaths from yellow fever. At the same time, beyond the blood, there are lots of great little details that bring the ships to life. As a lover of classical music, I was also pleasantly surprised when John joined Alfie in song and turned out to be a counter-tenor, not something I ever expected from a romance hero.

Of course, m/m romances aren’t your typical romance novel. When two men are bound in both love and conflict, the stories can go different ways. In some stories, the men come together in violence. Rest assured that this isn’t one of them.

Rated B+

Hee!  Oddly enough I am over the moon at her surprise and pleasure at finding that John was a counter-tenor!  If that’s not likely to happen again then I’m all the more glad I did it.  I think the counter tenor voice is probably the most beautiful in creation, but I agree that it’s possibly not what you think of when you think of a heroic voice 🙂

Thank you to the writers of both articles! 😀

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