Need to sleep!

Another day has passed and I’ve barely written 300 words.  I don’t know what’s going on with Blessed Isle – maybe it’s because I’ve got to the grimmest part and even Garnet’s flippancy has deserted him – but it’s been such a struggle this week.  Today I think I deleted more than I wrote.

I suppose I should be reassured that it’s nearly at 10,000 words and therefore nearly half way through, so soon it should reach that point where it tips over the edge of the long up-slope and starts racing down towards the end.  I just hope it will happen soon.

Partly I’m just tired and discouraged because my husband has had to suddenly go off to America and won’t be back for ten days.  He’ll be phoning at 2am-ish once he gets to his hotel.  My family seems to be conspiring to rob me of sleep these days!

I think I should do a couple of posts about cover art and why it has the limitations it has.  Such as ‘the ubiquitous torso – why?’ and ‘but you used to do photomanips all the time, so why not now?’

But it’ll have to be tomorrow.  I’m going to go and try to finish reading the first ever m/f romance I’ve ever read while waiting until I can go to sleep without worrying.

Oh, but on the subject of Garnet, it occurs to me that I already have a hero called Jasper.  Is one red semi-precious stone enough, or can I get away with two?  (Both are real names of the period, but I worry about it being too much of a theme.)

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