Mayday and resurrection

Just a couple of pictures of us in front of the cathedral at 5.28 this morning while the sun came up:


The Ely and Littleport riot dancing


Team photo – Elriot and the Coton Morris Men.  Andrew and I both had the same badge on our waistcoats – it says ‘Morris Dancers do it with sticks.’ 🙂  The house behind us belongs to the lady who is carrying the may, and she invited us all in for breakfast after the dancing.  It did make me wonder how many other solemn solstices were actually attended mainly by people just doing it for the crack and a cup of tea.

Resurrection wise – a meme:

Name 5 dead characters you’d like to revive.

This should be easy as almost all my favourite characters inevitably die:

1. Qui-Gon Jinn; the only Jedi who seemed to have any kind of compassion or humanity to him.  Plus he looked like a long haired Liam Neeson.  How could they kill him off?  It was a crime!

2. Marcus from Babylon 5; he was sort of like Qui-Gon, but prettier and younger and with the most amazing surreal sense of humour.  He lived for the One, he died for Susan Ivanova (and then she damn well left the series as well, adding insult to injury.) *Sulks*

3. One-Eye from Elfquest; he was terse and taciturn and the kind of character that Wolverine might be if he was a five foot tall elf with long silver hair.  And they did the meanest ‘is he really dead or is he coming back… no we were playing with you, he is really dead, honest’ trick with him.  Grr!

4. James Norrington; they destroyed everything there was to like about him, and then they killed him. Double grr!  Bring him back, all shiny, clean, bewigged and honourable!  That’s what I say!  Bonus points for killing off Gillette in an off-screen hurricane.  Triple grr!

5. Therem Harth rem ir Estraven; yes, I know, it was a heartwrenching and poignant death and made the end of the book piercingly sublime.  But now bring hir back and give hir hirs own series!

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