Half Term holiday roundup

Despite being ‘mum’s taxi service’ for my daughters, and therefore having to go into Cambridge (a three quarters of an hour drive there, and then another back) every single day this week, it’s been a surprisingly productive week.

I’ve done some cover art, which I’m not yet able to say anything about. I’ve also done a banner for Cheyenne Publishing, the small press publisher responsible for Mark R. Probst’s lovely YA western “The Filly”, and P.A Brown’s “LA Mischief”.

This is especially cool, as I have just signed a contract with Cheyenne Publishing for my novella “Blessed Isle”, which will be appearing in “Hidden Conflict,” an anthology of m/m romance containing four stories, spanning three centuries of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

Tales of Lost Voices in Battle

Blessed Isle by Alex Beecroft – 1790 British Age-of-Sail

Not to Reason Why by Mark R. Probst – 1876 US Cavalry

No Darkness by Jordan Taylor – 1915 British WWI

Our One and Only by E. N. Holland – 1944-1985 US WWII and aftermath

This is in the very early days yet with no real blurbs or cover prepared, but here is a quick and dirty summary of the stories:

Blessed Isle is about a sailing ship whose mission is to transport prisoners from Rio de Janeiro to Australia. While on shore leave in Rio, the Captain has fallen in love with his seductive First Lieutenant. En route to Australia, the crew breaks out with typhus which eventually results in a mutiny by the prisoners, and the Captain and 1st Lt. manage to escape in one of the ship’s boats.

Not to Reason Why is about a Corporal in the 7th Cavalry stationed at Fort Lincoln who has for years been smitten with a married Sergeant who is also his best buddy. Custer leads them on an expedition to round up the renegade Sioux tribes and return them to the reservation. On the night preceding the final battle, the Corporal and Sergeant, sensing what lies ahead, find comfort in one another’s arms.

No Darkness is about a Lieutenant on a ration party, who takes a Private with him to search for supplies in the cellar beneath an abandoned farmhouse. A grenade is tossed into the farmhouse, leveling it, and the Lt. and Private. are trapped beneath, with the Private suffering serious wounds. The story is their struggle to survive and escape from a situation that appears futile. During their confinement they confide in each other a great deal about their pasts and form a very close bond.

Our One and Only is the story of the lover who is left behind when his boyhood sweetheart goes off to fight in WW2. The soldier is killed in the second round of D-day, and the young man turns to the soldier’s family for comfort. Only the soldier’s brother knows the true nature of the relationship between his brother and the young man. Through the years the young man sort of stands in as a surrogate for the lost son. Many years later in his declining years he makes a journey to France to visit the grave of his long lost love.

I’ve added a new page to my website with a summary of what the stories are about, and a place holder cover. More details when I know anything more 🙂
Hidden Conflict Anthology

In other news, the Macaronis writers will be doing a month-long appearance on the Coffee Time Romance site during the month of June. If you’re at all interested in gay historical romance, do drop by Macaronis Month on Coffee Time Romance on

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