Fruits of Research for ‘Blessed Isle’.

I wanted my boys in “Blessed Isle” to be discussing their undoubted attraction for each other in a little smoky club in Rio de Janeiro while being captivated by watching Flamenco dancing.  (Because I find Flamenco dancing extremely sexy – all that arrogance and power, and that’s just the women.)

Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to that idea. 1. Flamenco is Spanish, not Portuguese.  And 2. it wasn’t invented until the 19th Century anyway.  Damn and blast it!

So, back to the drawing board and it turns out that there is actually a much better home-grown Brazilian candidate for the position of ‘dance most likely to get a hapless, half drunk sailor hopelessly horny,’ and that is Lundu

Poor Harry!  He hasn’t got a chance.

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