Copied from a statement by Integrity (Episcopal Church GBLT group)

Copied from my LBGT Anglicans yahoo group:

Integrity / National has offered the following statement:

LOS ANGELES--Integrity joins with those around the nation who express profound 
disappointment in the California Supreme Court's abdication of its 
responsibility to offer equal protection to all California citizens in today's 
decision regarding Proposition 8.

"This morning we saw justice both denied and delayed," said Integrity President 
Susan Russell. "Today's ruling by the California Supreme Court does not just 
affect the lives of same-sex couples hoping to live happily ever after with the 
love of their life; it sets a terrible precedent that a simple majority of 
voters can relegate millions of citizens to second class status. Until 'liberty 
and justice for all' really means 'all' we are not yet the nation we are called 
to be and today was a sad step backward on that arc of history that generations 
of equality leaders have told us bends toward justice."

Russell continued, "It is a decision that is not only antithetical to the core 
American values of liberty and justice for all, it flies in the face of the 
core Christian commitment to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is a decision 
that grieves the heart of God, violates core values of both our faith and our 
founding fathers, and puts the State of California on the wrong side of history 
on the issue of marriage equality. It is a decision that should not and will 
not stand."

"As the mother of a son in uniform," said Russell, "I find it deeply ironic 
that our Supreme Court would issue an opinion allowing discrimination to be 
written into our statutes the day after a national holiday dedicated to the 
memory of the brave men and women who have given their lives to defend the 
Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic-to preserve for their 
fellow citizens the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of 

"Integrity will work, pray, and advocate for the full inclusion of all the 
baptized in all the sacraments within the Episcopal Church and work with our 
California Faith for Equality allies toward marriage equality in California as 
we continue our 35-year history of giving voice to the LGBT faithful within the 
Episcopal Church and from the church to the world."


As previously mentioned, there will be many events to protest this narrow 
decision - please check with your local LBGT-supportive organisations, and also 
at (see more below - and note that while most of 
the events California, the nationwide importance of this is made clear by the 
many events outside the state and outside the Western Region.

As we mentioned, the "Meet in the Middle" rally will take place on Saturday, 
May 30 in Fresno, CA at 1pm in Fresno, preceded by a march from Selma, and 
followed by more gatherings in Fresno.  Note that each day this week there will 
be conferences calls at 9 or 10am - for details go to et al.  A similar dial-in 
event will be held on Wed by California Faith for Equality - see

Note that faith groups will on that same day in Fresno have a Jewish service at 
10:30am and a "Faith Tent" at City Hall at noon.  They are also organising the 
march (starting at 6:30am at City Hall).

Other Events (in California unless noted)

Amongst MANY other events

TODAY (May 26)

San Francisco all day - Circle of Care Civic Center Plaza

Santa Cruz 5pm Town Clock - rally

San Diego 5pm start at St Paul's Cathedral, protest march

San Luis Obispo 5:30pm Mitchell Park protest

Santa Barbara 6pm County Courthouse protest

Santa Maria 6pm Betteravia and Miller protest

Santa Cruz 7pm 1st Congregational Church Communion for All

West Hollywood 7pm 647 N. San Vicente Blvd rally

Manhattan (New York, NY) 6pm Union Square rally

May 30 Santa Barbara noon County Courthouse Protest

June 1 San Diego 7pm St Pauls Cath Service of Consolation

We want to note that faith groups had held vigils, etc, in support, such as at 
Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco, and with Dean Very Rev Brian Baker 
of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Sacramento at the Headhunters bar.

Other Day of Decision events from
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