All this impact is great for the bones.

But that’s about all I can say for it.  I’ve just got home from an all day dance-out in Woodbridge, for the Suffolk Folk Festival

Well, when I say all day, I mean we danced from 11-12 in front of one pub, then we walked to another pub and danced from 12-1pm.  Then we had lunch in the pub garden (plus a free jug of beer for each side).  Then we walked to another pub on the quayside and danced from 2pm-2.45pm.

This was really rather nice at the time.  The newbies on the side are all starting to learn our starter set of 5 dances to the point where we can do them without too much anxiety, though I still can’t do Goose Green without getting so dizzy that I end up going the wrong way in the final chorus.  And there were other sides at all three spots, so we got to watch some dances we didn’t know, and listen to all sorts of different music.  There was even a guy with a set of English bagpipes.  I think the live music is a big part of the attraction.

Also it was fun seeing the outfits of all the different sides.  There was a great mixed side who wore undertakers’ frock coats and top hats and were masked.  They also carried clubs instead of sticks 🙂  We are not that cool!

We were by the side of a tidal estuary; lots of mud and boats, and thankfully a stiff breeze blowing which prevented us from getting too overheated.  However, I got horribly sunburned, and now that I’m at home I’ve also stiffened up to the point where walking is painful.  I imagine that in the long run this will be good for me, but in the short run it hurts!  And I just want to go to sleep now.

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