Quick plug for two great artists

Website designer Celia Kyle

Erastes recently got a new website: http://erastes.com which I thought was just gorgeous.  When she posted about it she mentioned that it was designed by Celia Kyle of Get Cesigned and that Celia was currently having a bit of a sale on website redesigns.  So I rushed over and got myself a new website with attached blog.  You can see it here, if you’re interested :

Alex’s New Website

Love those compass roses!  I don’t think the sale is still on, but Celia’s work is still very reasonably priced and as you can see, just lovely!

Silversmith and jeweller, Mirien

Mirien and I go back to when I was in Tolkien fandom, writing about Lord Celeborn, that silver-haired husband of a more famous wife.  Noldor influences lead her down the path of gem-smithing, and now she makes amazing and unique jewellery, modern and comfortable to wear, but ancient looking, as if it’s something you found in a tumulus, beneath a dolmen on which something magical was inscribed in Ogham.

For my birthday, she sent me these wonderful earrings, cast in silver from real oak twigs, which I’m wearing right now.  Thank you so much, Mirien! and I’m sorry my camera work doesn’t do them justice.  You can really see all the little details of the bark and buds.


and I bought the lovely flower ring from her for Rose, as the foundation of a jewellery box that doesn’t just contain bright plastic tat from Clare’s :)  I’m modelling it as it isn’t Rose’s birthday yet, so she hasn’t been allowed to have it yet!


If you’re interested in getting a piece designed for yourself, you can find her at <lj user="mirien"> but bear in mind that she’s not a business, she’s an artist, so if she’s overwhelmed with stuff to do, she may not be able to help right now.

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