False Colors now available on Amazon, with added mistake :)

Woohoo!  I’m not sure how Amazon have managed it, but it looks as though False Colors is in stock and available to buy now, even though the official release date is 13th of April.

I’ve just been told by my editor that the back cover says the book is set in 1662.   It should say 1762.  I’m not sure how that happened!  Particularly as it says 1762 all the way through the inside, until you get to the bits set in 1763.  The aim is that we can put it right in the second printing.  So if you fancy an amusing limited edition with the wrong date on the back, now would be the time to get it! 

Ooh, and it has its first review:

“Kudos to Running Press for creating a series not flawed by nude bodies on the cover and stories clouded with predictable sex. Kudos to Alex Beecroft for a story of men at sea, piracy, war, betrayal, love, and redemption. There’s nothing false about this colorful and historical romance which I’ll be suggesting to readers for a long time to come! If you enjoy getting lost at sea with complex and interesting characters in a story that will challenge and excite you, then this book is for you.”

(Not celebrating too much in case Amazon is playing some sort of April Fool’s joke on me 😉  Paranoid? Moi? 🙂 )

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