Boys of Summer finished!

Yay! Boys of Summer first draft is FINISHED!!! Woohoo!

64168 / 60000

Complete with horribly sappy romantic ending that may not make any sense, but I don’t care because it’s OVER! FREE, I’m free at last!  I owe myself chocolate and at least one day off 🙂
I didn’t really enjoy writing this one – my first and probably only contemporary. There weren’t enough alien invasions, pirates, warships, elves, weevils, tricorns or dragons.  However, I will now put it away for a short while so that when I come back and read it I can see what it needs to make it the best contemporary I can do.  I do love the characters, though; Darren and Tony, and Krissy and her family, and Caroline, and Kyle, Mrs. Goodchilde, Mr. Stokes and even Max, the villain.  Maybe Darren and Tony can get a sequel where they have to save the Queen from mutant, time travelling, octopii?
Meantime, what should I do with this book now that I’ve got it?  It’s likely to be at least 70k once it’s polished, if not 80K, and isn’t at all explicit at the moment, though there are several places where a sex scene could go if required.  I can try and see if an agent wants it, or I can add sex scenes and see if MLR Press want it, or I can see if Samhain wants it with or without sex scenes.  I suppose the first thing is to try and find out if it’s any good, so I’ll send it out to beta readers and take it from there 🙂

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