Aren’t I inarticulate over the phone!

It seems very few newspapers or magazines want to run reviews of False Colors and Transgressions, but quite a lot of them want to talk to us about this interesting phenomenon of women writing m/m fiction. I had an interview over the phone the other day with a journalist from Columbus, and I’m never at my best on the phone. I can speak faster than I can think, which means I either have long pauses where my mind catches up, or I just talk nonsense.

I’m fairly positive that I said that Josh Lanyon (who is the ‘male’ the article refers to – I did give them his name!) was a prominent male writer of m/m romance, not “one of the few males who have found success in the female-dominated field of gay fiction”, but see above about talking nonsense when I’m under pressure to reply to a question with any sort of speed.

My attempts to plug Transgressions and False Colors as books also seem not to have come across but I must say, I’m very relieved he at least didn’t call False Colors ‘a torrid potboiler’!

“Male Lovers, Female Readers” in Columbus’ News and Entertainment Weekly

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