And now for something completely different


Wish me luck!  I’m going on my first dance-out with the Ely and Littleport Riot Morris dancing side in an hour.  Eek!  I’m terrified.  I have my waistcoat, I have my hankies, I have bells on my shoes, and sticking plaster on my heels because the shoes still murder my feet if I let them.  But I’m still making very basic mistakes in every dance, and I only know three dances all the way through.

It’ll be a disaster!  So if anyone is near March in Cambridgeshire and fancies coming to see us dance in March town square, we’re on at 11.30.  Will report back later with photos, if I’m still alive 😉

Somali Pirates

As may be apparent from False Colors, I don’t buy into the romance of pirates.  But having said that, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  For example

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