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Copied from a post on AfterEllen this afternoon:


Amazon’s “Glitch” Myth Debunked
by Francine Saint Marie

CONCLUSION: Censorship was clearly built into Amazon-Kindle’s digital-text-platform years ago when it was programmed to constantly crawl itself for new content and trip the automatic censors whenever it found certain keywords that Amazon’s leadership had designated as forbidden.: Publishers and customers need to be aware that those dirty words (like “gay” and “lesbian” as well as “erotic” or “sexuality” or “adult”) will still cast you into the great Kindle abyss for all eternity and that missing sales rankings are really only the tip of the censor’s iceberg. Moreover, even though sales rankings appear to have been restored throughout its site again, now that Amazon has also introduced this program code into its paperback listings, it’ll take awhile for them to completely clean up their system.. That is, if they really want to.

Edited at 10.30 to say that the article linked to seems to have disappeared! Sometimes it’s hard not to see conspiracies at work!

Edited at 10.50 to add this link to the meta_writer community, which has saved the whole post.

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